Stage Sneak Peeks!

Stage Sneak Peek #1

Stage Sneak Peek #2

PS. I think the new stage theme is called “Big”

PPS. Click Here To See The Newspaper


4 Responses to “Stage Sneak Peeks!”

  1. rockhopper Says:


  2. kool dude

  3. Billybob Says:

    Hello This is The Real Billybob, I’m Very Sorry But You Shouldn’t Have Cheats For Club Penguin, Club Penguin Is For Children That Like To Play And Have Fun, It’s No Fun For Cheats
    Until Then, Waddle On!

    -Billybob Club Penguin President

  4. F is for frends that do thins togethe
    U is for u and me
    N in for Nyone at anytim at al
    Down here in the deep blu see

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