New Play At The Stage-And More!

There is a new play. Click Here To See It.

New Play At The Stage!!!

New Play At The Stage!

Also Click Here To See The New Costume Trunk

Costume Catalog

There Is Also A New “SwitchBox 3000”


And there are free mining helmets at the iceburg!!!(Click “D” To Drill)

The Mining Helmet Is At The Iceburg!

 And Also They Changed The Iceburg A Lot!


And there are new post cards. Click Here To See Them

(There Is A New One On Every Page!)

PS. Al l of the above was made by us!

PPS. It Is Back To The Same Old Normal Telescope


3 Responses to “New Play At The Stage-And More!”

  1. rockhoppers pass is rockstar

  2. when are the mining helmets coming

  3. its in the cave mine now!!

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