Club Penguin Improvement Project

Coming in 1 day!!! And I found the new .swf link!!!

(Click Here To See It) (Click on the EYE SCAN 3000 to open it)

And click here to see the blog


There is going to be new servers!!!

And they need YOU to help!

what you need to do

(in 1 day)

Is enter your user name & password and it like doubles your account!

To test out their new servers!

But after April 4 it gets deleted  😦


PS. Click Here To See The Original Post By Us


2 Responses to “Club Penguin Improvement Project”

  1. fosters1537 Says:

    Great post!
    I wonder what the improvement project will be?
    Also Well there is a new page on my blog called Penguin fam Club.
    I was wondering if you could check it out and leave a comment.
    If so please click on the link rigth here:

  2. kat651234 Says:

    Hey dude how do you become a ninja? please leave a comment!

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