2008 Easter Egg Hunt! -And New Catalog

#1 There is the Easter Egg Hunt!

The #1 Egg is inside the Mine Shack inside the lamp


The #2 Egg is at the Dock on the post


The #3 Egg is at the Pet Shop in the Red Puffle’s Cage


The #4 Egg is in the Book Room on top of the Book Shlef 


The #5 Egg is at the Gift Shop on the Poster


The #6 Egg is the light bulb next to the Stage & Pet Shop


The #7 Egg is in the Lodge Attic in a box in the bottom left head corner

(Put your mouse over the flap to see it)


The last egg is at the Dojo this one is kind of tricky to get

(you need to be very fast with your mouse)


#2 There is a new Furniture Catalog.

Click Here To See It, And Here Are The Cheats

Click on the Piano for the Pipe Organ

Pipe Organ

Click on the speaker part of the Home Stereo for concert lights

Concert Lights

that’s it for now



One Response to “2008 Easter Egg Hunt! -And New Catalog”

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