New Stuff

#1 Rockhopper’s Ship Is Done!!!

#2 Club Penguin have put some screen shots of what the new

Club Penguin website might look like.

#3 There is a new newspaper Click Here To See It

And Also BillyBob Put A New Post On The “CPIP Blog” About Some Of This Stuff.

Here it is: 

Hello Penguins!

The next phase of CPIP is underway (the website redesign) and many of you have already provided tons of helpful feedback about the updated logo that will be featured on the new website.

The redesigned site will go live at on April 14th. 

To find out more about the website redesign, check out the link on the CPIP homepage. There is a snapshot of a new section and we’d love to hear what you think about it and of course any suggestions you may have. 

We’ll have more info on a couple other important points next week. 

Until then…waddle on!

– The Club Penguin Team

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