New Stuff…

#1 There is a new play at the stage,

Click Here To See It.



And here is a funny pic from the stage.

Funny Pic

Also there is a new costume trunk,

Click Here To See It.

Costume Trunk

And as always there is a new “SwitchBox 3000”

SwitchBox 3000

#2 You can see Rockhopper’s journal at the book room.

 New Book

#3 The new pin is in the book room.

 At The Book Room

#4 There is a message in the newspaper for agents…

Message For Agents

It says:

“Attention Agent:

We have received a phone call from Herbert.

Below is a transcript of what he said.

We are looking in to it.

Be on alert.


Hello my fine feathered friend.

I hope you have not forgotten about me.

I wanted to send you a special message,

to show that I have not forgotten about you.

Get ready, dear friend, because “time” is

about to run out.


Herbert P. Bear Esq.”

I wonder what he means by

“time is about to run out”

Well That’s It For Now!


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