We are going to have a contest! We are going to do a best look contest!


1.Put how old you penguin is, and his oldest item.

2.No cheating! like if you see a really old penguin, 

you cann’t just take a pic of it and use it for your pic,

you have to keep your penguin name in your pic.

3.Have fun! And put a link with your best look on.

P.s if you don’t know how to do a link just go like  and it will turn blue or purple, and when you click on it, it will go to that link! But you have to right the http:// part or it will not work!



6 Responses to “Contest!”

  1. sportboy5748 Says:

    Good luck this contest will be ending the 17 so GOOD LUCK!

  2. whats the prize?

  3. I’ll enter my penguin’s name is Jay903

    It is 443 days old.

    Any my oldest items are pirate belt, ice crown, and snow flake t-shirt

    (they came out on the same day)

    Heres a pic

  4. the butterfly pin

  5. 254 days old

  6. everyone please go to for funny jokes!

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