New Website & New Servers!

The new CP website & the new servers are up!

There is this one new page where your

Parent can login and edit your account settings,

See the last time you logged in,

And see if you did/say anything bad.

There is also this one page with html code to banners,

So you can put banners on your blog! 

Here is a pic:

New Page
This is what the new Club Pengun home page looks like:
(Click To See It Better)
New Home Page 
This is what the old club penguin home page looked like:
(Click To See It Better.)
And here are some animations from the home page
#1  #1
#2 #2
#3 #3
#4 #4
#5 #5
#6  #6
#7 #7
Thats It For Now!


3 Responses to “New Website & New Servers!”

  1. sweet animations dude i really like them!!!!!
    P.S. that would be great if u could add me too your blogroll dude!!!!

  2. Thanks! And I will add you to my blogroll if you add me to yours!
    (Your website is sweet!)

  3. chipdasportsman Says:

    Thanks for adding me!

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