Pictures Of The Club Penguin Party At London ZSL Zoo.

This is all from IDontbreakcp At


Hey guys!,

I’ve got you some pics of the party on london zoo! )

First thing is this:

It’s really cool they have sticker’s and poster’s and when you go in you can hear the dance club music! )

This is the clubpenguin map but its abit changed! its really cool!

There was awsome things they had and this is the candy pizza’s from the pizza tron 3000!

They used it as plate’s for us to eat with! D

In the party there was cp rooms and in the snow forts there is the cp clock this it,from the behind:

Remember that Herbert the bear stole the stuff……

Here they set  up some igloo and we had to destroy it!

It was lots of fun! P

They had computer’s for us to go to clubpenguin with it was fun becuase billybob and other’s can see you play and the CP staff were having like head-phones or head sets on their head like there agents or something:

on Club Penguin… Big Balla saw that..

It was cool.

Here was people filming from Tv channels about the party!

They were picturing the people dancing the penguin dance

pictures taken by fishyboy16

It was fun!

That’s all!

Untill then…. Waddle off!


9 Responses to “Pictures Of The Club Penguin Party At London ZSL Zoo.”

  1. spike111788 Says:

    AWSOME i live in usa and was wondereing what it would look like!!!!!!

  2. idontbreakcp Says:

    Thanks for giving me credit 😉

    Waddle off! 😉

  3. Hey,
    My name is Pinkey2we. I have a site thats not about clubpenguin. its Can you please add it to your blogroll! as soon as you add it, if you do, comment that you did and you will be on my blogroll!
    -Pinkey2we :mrgreen:

  4. Wow! That was awesome yesterday! I really enjoyed it!

  5. zombie222 Says:

    cool how do you get your header to move like that?! please tell me!!

  6. were u there and if u were does that mean u live in london or did u get the pics from someone else?

  7. Hey Limeboy11, That Mike 93 Well “a” my Friend & Me Are using him for Fun.
    lol that was you!

  8. Awesome I Was There And I Took Vids
    If You Wanna See Them Just Click On My Name Which Leads To My Channel:)

  9. the pics r not coming up

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