New Stuff…

Click Here For Our Party Details.

Also I Will Be Using A Penguin Named Cj5006 For A Bit, I Will Also Use HIm For My Party. 


#, The new puffle furniture catalog came out Today,

there is only one new page of stuff:

There’s also 1 cheat on the #3 page:

#2, The new furniture catalog came out Today, here are the the secrets:


-For the “Palm Tree.”

-For The “Coffee Shop Tree.”

-For The “Plush Gray Chair.”


 -For The “Inflatable Dragon.”

-For The “Cake.”

#3, The new igloo upgrade catalog came out Today,

There is 1 new igloo:

Here are the screts for the igloo upgrade catalog:

-For The “Secret Stone Igloo.”


-For The “Secert Deluxe Stone Igloo.”

#4, There is a new item at the lighthouse:

At The Lighthouse 

#5, The new pin is in the boiler room:

At The Boiler Room

That’s It For Now! 



18 Responses to “New Stuff…”

  1. Comment on what you think!


    This was a very hard decision.
    Farewell to all my fans,friends and more 😉
    It was a blast.
    Dont forget to comment…


  3. idontbreakcp Says:

    Hey Limeboy Congrats on being 10,Lol 10 is one of my worst years but have a good year once again

  4. Hey! Awesome blog : D Can you add me to your blogroll? If you comment on my site, I will add you. THX!

  5. i like this site better then mine….

    i am soo sad today….
    please do not quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your the best!!!!!!!
    please do not quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DO NOT QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU HAVE THE BEST SITE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    {[(Limeboy11)]} 😥
    ( )

    ps. do you think you could come to my b-day party on cp????

    i will be 10

    bye 😥

  6. I am sorry man

  7. Hey dude! Great site! Think you could add me to your blogroll? I have 300,000 hits! Thanks!

    -Cfai Unknown

  8. Cpmonster,
    do you think I could work on your site with Çrüshéd???
    or be on your blogroll???
    if so my admin email is
    thanks 😥

    {[(Limeboy11)]} 😥

    ( )

    PS> do you think you could come to my party:

    thanks bye 😥

  9. Cfai Unknown,
    I will add you if you add me to yours.

  10. Limeboy do not trust cpmac hes not gonna give u a beta!

  11. When r u gonna give the winners their prizes???

  12. conily6 Says:

    i am qiting bye

  13. conily6 Says:

    :mad 😦

  14. conily6 Says:


  15. Can i copy 2 pics? THanks ill give credit

  16. Yes you can, But You Have To Say
    ” These Two Pics Are By Limeboy11 @ )

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