New Newspaper

Well.. There’s not to much stuff in the new newspaper,

it mostly talks about writing and igloo contest winners.

Here are all of the writing contest winners:



& Chochypop.

The winners of the igloo contest were:










& Puffinnboo.

& Also all CPIP testers will get a special item tomorrow!

This is most likely what it is going to look like:

Also here is a list of the upcoming events:

Upcoming Events

That’s It For Now!

oh but one more thing do not forget to come to my b-day party on CP.

Click here for details.

Hope You Can Come!!!

(Click on it to see it better)


6 Responses to “New Newspaper”

  1. As always comment on what you think!

  2. MY EMAIL IS and what is my prize? just email me.

  3. hey dude!
    check out my site if u post my site u can get an amazing prize!
    cool prizes like beta’s and such!
    see ya,

  4. great post limeboy and i added u as an admin instead of a beta i said.


  5. ???, You did not add me as an admin???

  6. 2daisy10 Says:

    i will be there

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