Red Hard Hat Is Out!

Hey guys, I was wrong, the CPIP gift is a red hard hat!

You can drill with it by clicking D.

Here is what it looks like for those of you that did not sign up:



28 Responses to “Red Hard Hat Is Out!”

  1. vollyballboycp Says:

    join my cp baseball league!

  2. 6 people on great job dude!
    why do u hate me again?
    for the beta i forgot your e-mail.

  3. ey dude!
    if u stay on my site for 1 minute
    u will get a free beta with a free membership and everything dude!
    go now!!
    its seriously true its awesome!
    i have that muck beta’s!
    see ya!

  4. wow!
    7 people on!
    great job limeboy!


  5. Limeboy11,

    how do you make a banner like that on your site? The one with th penguin in the propeller hat thats spinning around on a cube. Please respond on my site.

  6. Dude if i add u to my blogroll will u add me to urs. My site is and i have about 2,500 hits.

    ~Oreo 8000~

  7. please help!!!!!
    someone has hacked my site somehow and deleted it please try to contact the support and try to get my site not deleted
    if u did i will give u a free beta!

    ( )

  8. Yes! I will email support over & over.
    & do you know how someone got into your email or did they go into your email????
    I am very sorry this happend.

  9. Cool post!
    Cool theme! 😉
    Come visit my site sometimes.
    If you add me to your blogroll I’ll add you on mine!


  10. OK, I added you!

  11. hey dude!
    im having a really cool contest im giving away some betas that has all the pins all the cloths all the everything beta hat!
    a membership and a million coins!
    and theres even better prizes at:
    ( )
    alright thats the site!
    hope u win!

  12. Umm. I commented like 10,000 comments but then the post was gone!

  13. cheatgnome Says:

    come to we have re-opened the site!

  14. Hi, i haven’t received the e-mail for my prize in the contest, pls email it soon,

    if you add me in your blogroll , i will add you too,

    here’s my blog :

  15. ????, I emailed you the code a few days ago.
    also I emailed you your header.

  16. thanks, i forgot to check my other e-mail, thanks, i received it,

  17. conily6 Says:

    the rad? hat plz tall me how? do get it plz from conily6

  18. im quiting cp.
    and wordpress but i am stiff giving away all my betas
    check it out
    see ya for the last time forsure

  19. how long will my membership last? pls answer me limeboy /sportboy

  20. sportboy5748 Says:

    1 month i am sure its one month

  21. how do u get the mining helmet, hard hat, or red hat?
    please tell me. im quitting putting stuff up for wordpress.

  22. You had to test out the new servers at CPIP and you got them free!!!

  23. Does enebody knows reall cheats?
    I dont now?

  24. Hurry up I can”t wait?


  25. ok

  26. how do you get the red hard hat?

  27. Blossom7932 Says:

    Aww… I Was in CPIP, but i forgot to get one DARN!

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