Lghik’s Igloo & Player Card

Update: We have moved our hangout place to Cphangout360.ning.com. Please sign up!

If you do not remember what I am talking about Click Here

Lghik won #3 place in our last contest to have his pictrue & igloo on our site!

So here they are:

Cool Igloo 😉

That’s it for now!



6 Responses to “Lghik’s Igloo & Player Card”

  1. sportboy5748 Says:

    wat did he win therd of

  2. yay its me 🙂 and i won third of the comment contest and also you can be in my video sportboy5748

  3. ___*bm!$+*___ aka blackmist100 Says:

    awesome css. u have just 400 more hits than me. check it out.


  4. hey sportboy listen you can give me your pass or you go to my chat and talk about it there but first what time zone do you live in so we can do it on real time. and limeboy11 you’ll be in my next video i’ll also choose someone else

  5. sportboy5748 Says:

    i live in the centerl time zone

  6. Me too,
    He lives in the same town as me…

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