New Newspaper

Huy guys, there is a new newspaper Today.

Here are some of the topics:

#1, The water party will be coming soon!

#2, There is also going to be a news play at the stage on the 13th:

I wonder what it will be?

#4, Here is a list of all of the upcoming events:

Also don’t forget to come to my party!

Click Here For Details.

(Click here to see the card it self)

That’s it for now!



3 Responses to “New Newspaper”

  1. Hey Lime!
    Thanks for helping me on the CSS!
    I don’t really want the animated header I have now but could you make one like yours but with my penguin?
    Sorry if I ask too much.


  2. Oh, I didn’t see the header page lol.

  3. what is the code you used for your css?

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