CP News!

 RockhopperRockhopper is back 🙂 heres a pic of what he came with:








and a new sports catalog also came out today! Click the soccer ball for soccer cleats!  

New catalog!

And you can do a cool dance with the soccer ball and with any of the soccer items!!!

hope you like it!

Gtg & get more Club Penguin Cheats & Secerts! 

-sportboy5748 out!


5 Responses to “CP News!”

  1. Hey Lime! I would do a productions with you, thought I don’t make vids but I will start doing vids now. I just need time to learn how.;)

  2. nice site! Can i be on your blog roll? im adding you to mine right
    now. http://hstrial-jcapozzola.homestead.com
    -The Source
    p.s i have 12,000 hits.

  3. alright i did it

  4. dude u make nice vids. im in a productions with cheatgnome. he
    doesnt seem to really care though and doesnt have much time. he
    still wont finish the rest of our vid. i think i need to find a
    new productions.

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