Sneak Peek

I got a sneak peek of the next clothing catalog:

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26 Responses to “Sneak Peek”

  1. My email is and I will tell you my pass on my meebo.

  2. Okay, I e-mailed you my password.

  3. OK thanks!
    Don’t worry i will not ban!

  4. Penguin52379073 (Ratssafwevbn) Says:

    hey limeboy what song are you doing? and i only no cj’s pass ppl will get confused

  5. o ya sorry i switch every once & a while lol!
    i will email ou what song & my password

  6. Penguin52379073 (Ratssafwevbn) Says:

    ok and how come cj aint a member

  7. Penguin52379073 (Ratssafwevbn) Says:

    hey limeboy will i make a xat for our production?

  8. ahh, sure call it LCP productions

  9. Penguin52379073 (Ratssafwevbn) Says:

    psst i only know what the l stands for what does the cp stand for

  10. cpeventer, purpalooloo

  11. also i emailed you!

  12. Penguin52379073 (Ratssafwevbn) Says:

    oh purpaloo is in it aswell?..COOL!

  13. did you make out xat?

  14. Penguin52379073 (Ratssafwevbn) Says:

    but i need his pass

  15. Penguin52379073 (Ratssafwevbn) Says:

    i will finish it off tomorrow and yeah purp’s

  16. Hey limeboy thxs for the comment and going on my site!

  17. Penguin52379073 (Ratssafwevbn) Says:

    Whats your youtube site name?

  18. hey cpeventer,
    it will be like 5 days before i can do our music video i have all the pictrues but no editor!!!!
    i just bought some sweet video editing software and it comes in a package in the mail!
    so ya this is my #1 big buy!
    (i took me forever to click the submit botton lol)

  19. Penguin52379073 (Ratssafwevbn) Says:

    will u e-mail me purp’s pass im almost finished i need him in it it only took 25 mins to make!

  20. what song is it too???

  21. pleased add me to your blog roll

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