UPDATE: Lol I forgot to post about the fire works in CP,

there are some at the Iceberg & some at the Mountain, here are some pics:

 Update: I really want to make some headers so please order!!!

(to order just go to the “Need a header?” page. you can get to it on the sidebar.)

Hey guys, a lot of ppl have been asking me to open up the header shop again.

So I am going to open it!

I just bought a new program to make them with, woot!

The headers will be a TON better! But they will also take longer to make 😦

I will open & close it, so if the top of the page says CLOSED then you can not order a header.

But if it says OPEN go ahead!

Also you can not just make a header for the fun of it & never use it.



13 Responses to “HEADER SHOP OPEN!!!”

  1. I don’t know Cpventer. I will e-mail him my password but I need his e-mail.

  2. I will just give it to him.
    trust me he will not ban him!

  3. *bm!$+* aka blackmist100 Says:

    Limeboy, remember me? I said “nice sight” on Club Penguin to you. It is true though. If you didn’t find my site though, it’s


  4. o that was you, lol

  5. hey limeboy how did my header change it is a lot better

  6. Please block this comment.
    Good Video Editor –

    Limeboy11: Thanks Dude!

  7. Penguin52379073 (Ratssafwevbn) Says:

    here is the lcp chatbox http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/go_large.php?id=32804282

  8. OK,

  9. hapy9998{cp name} Says:

    whats a header shop?

  10. i want a header!theres two ninja penguins at the side passing a shuriken and every time the shuriken passes there will be a message saying”Pulinski”and the web is http://pulinski.multiply.com/

  11. dont mind that
    sorry,i thought i hadnt said anything yet

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