New Clothing & Wig Catalog+Pin!

Hey guys, I am up at Mid Night, and a lot of stuff lunched!!!

#1, The new Clothing Catalog came out Today (or should i say tonight?)

Here are the cheats and secrets: 

Click here

-For the Red Viking Helmet, Click on it 4 times to get the blue one!

Click Here:

-For the Divers Helmet.

Click Here:

-For the Cheesy Necktie


There are 2 new wigs Today as always and there is a cheat!

Click here:

Click Here For A Purple Mohalk

For a “Purple Mohawk.”

Also the new pin came out Today it is a rocket, & it’s at the cove:

Well thanks for reading!

Gtg & get more Club Penguin Cheats & Secrets.




16 Responses to “New Clothing & Wig Catalog+Pin!”

  1. Hope you guys like the post!

  2. thanks for the cheats

  3. Aswome!
    This Css is great!
    You gotta check my site.
    I am going to add u to my blog roll.
    Can u add me!

  4. Some people have a microphone were did they find it in the catolog.

  5. Penguin52379073 (Ratssafwevbn) Says:

    hey dude cool site please visit

  6. Penguin52379073 (Ratssafwevbn) Says:

    hey man cool site please visit

  7. sportboy5748 Says:

    i am back from vacatition

  8. Sweet!
    You have to im me or call me!!!!!!

  9. Can you come?
    To my hit party
    Comment if you can come! On my site 😉

    Please that would be amazing!


  10. ~Chido Quique~ Says:

    Can you add me to AIM?
    mine is
    So we can talk =]
    comment back

  11. sorry dude, I dont think i am allowed.

  12. sushi1896 Says:

    Hey, can you PLEASE go to ? I want to have my 2000 hits party soon, but I can’t have it with 1,450 hits, can I? Please help! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  13. i think the clothing catalog is alittle dissapointing

  14. ya, i know what you mean. i wish they would bring back the black or red gutair.
    or make like a blue one.

  15. meesa322 Says:

    Hey Lime boy i was wondering if you wanted to meet me on club penguin.
    If you do heres the info:

    My penguin name: Miles322
    A server we could meet on: Sleet
    and a possible time: 12:00 am PST

    also i was wondering if you could make me a header like yours.

    well later, meesa322 😛

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