New Newspaper & LCP Productions!

Hey guys, the new newspaper came out today,

here are some of the topics it talks about:

#1, Rockhopper is leaving July 7.

#2, Penguin mail will be out this month!!!

#3, There is a page that talks about the most popular pins on page C2:

#4, Here is all of the upcoming eventes:

Also I made a Productions with 2 ohter guys named Purpalooloo & Cpeventer.

Cpeventer has already made our first music video here it is:

Hope u like it! I will be doing to next one!




5 Responses to “New Newspaper & LCP Productions!”

  1. Cool! Please go to BLOCKED BY EDITOR

    I really need the hits!

  2. Hey Limeboy! Unfortunately, Frozen and Mammoth have become too packed and we need to move. Toronto made Iceland, but Its only popular because of Toronto. So, Aggron and I have come up with a new hangout server, Walrus Iceburg! I will be there alot on both Burgers Rule and my other penguin Tyrannoguy adding many penguins, and hopefully so will Aggron! Well, I hope to see ya at the Walrus Iceburg soon!

  3. thanks!
    and also please say that to this guy for making it!

  4. Thx for nice article.

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