New Play At The Stage & Featrue Update!

UPDATE: Need any great video game or movie reviews???

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Hey guys there’s a new play at the stage it is REALLY cool!

If you haven’t seen it yet you really should log onto Club Penguin & go look at it!

& There are no secrets in the catalog. 

 Also Club Penguin is fixing some bugs in the new features,

they should lunch early next Week.

Remember get all of your Club Penguin Cheats, Tips & Glitches Here!



9 Responses to “New Play At The Stage & Featrue Update!”

  1. Comment Here On What You Think!

  2. I think it will be pretty cool but i dont really want the delete
    item thing. Also im having a contest at

  3. ~Chido Quique~ Says:

    Cool post 😉
    Check mine!

  4. Hey nice site. I was just wondering if you could add me to your blogroll.

  5. Sure, If you add me

  6. ~Chido Quique~ Says:

    can i work here???
    If u say yes
    my email is
    quique96 at
    sorry ut my at doesnt work lol
    and if u add me can u work on mine???

  7. Thx for the advertisement limeboy

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