New Music Video!!!

Hey guys I made a new music video!

Please click on it to, rate, comment, and subscribe!

Remember every sub counts!


Hope you like it!

I made this one!

(also please subscribe to my ohter youtube account “Limeboy11”



PS> Remember to go to my friends website

for great video games and movie reviews!



9 Responses to “New Music Video!!!”

  1. Also all of the new features may be lunching sometime Tomorrow!!!

  2. vietpride28 Says:

    Hey I have a question, what movie program did you use for making that music video? I always use Windows Movie Maker but I don’t have the features you have so can you please tell me?
    -Vietpride28 😎

  3. vietpride28 Says:

    Also, you better add me onto your blog roll again otherwise I will erase yours from my blog roll and less people will go onto your site because I have about 200,000 hits and all those people will not be able to go to your site after I erase it and if you don’t put me back on your site will be GONE.

  4. Hey Limeboy, cool video! 😀 And I think you made the header for me too.
    Thanks for all the help:!:


  5. Yup, I am making a better one now!

  6. Penguin52379073 (Ratssafwevbn) Says:

    cool 😀 also what video editor did you use?

  7. gummybear322 Says:

    THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! how do you do that?

  8. What do u mean???

  9. gummybear322 Says:

    I mean how did u add all the graphics

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