Hey guys i forgot to post a sneak peek yesterday from the “Club Penguin Blog”

I was just about to post it but then I looked at it more closely and it was a little diferent then what it was like yesterday!


This is the one it shows now:



This is what it showed before:



Theres a few more things changed then the color of the penguin.

Do you know what? Leave a comment on this post on what else is changed.

(these to pics are NOT edits.)


Remember get your Club Penguin Cheats, Tips, & Glitches Here!




6 Responses to “Weird”

  1. wow, i am looking at it now and theres a TON of stuff changed!!!

    Something cercled!

  2. I see 2
    the mute button and the colour

  3. Perteco Says:

    I KNOW SOME THING COOL!! The speakers say “Fever” I wonder if it’s like the brand of the speakers or some thing.


  4. what rockhopper password you made a video i will not band him and i dont have a penguin i have to shre with my bro and he ban it

    Limeboy11: Watch our video, at the end of it we say!!!

  5. Wow I never noticed that. Thanks Limeboy! Hey can you tell your viewers to check out my blog? It’s really cool And my blog is decorated just like yours.

    If your interested please visit me blog


    ~ Trevisimo ~

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