New Newspaper

Hey guys, the newspaper came out today.

There’s not a lot of topics if talks about so i will just post the upcoming events:

Augest 15: New igloo upgrades, new snow and sports catalog, and new pin.

Augest 22: Penguin Games.

Augest 29: New Furniture Catalog.

September 5: New clothing and wig catalogs.

Here is a pictrue:

(Click on it to make it bigger.)

That’s it for now! Remember get your Club Penguin Cheats, Tips, & Glitches Here!


6 Responses to “New Newspaper”

  1. What do you think???
    Comment here!

  2. its gonna be awesome what team u going for im going for red oh yea and showoff my facepaint

  3. costumeking Says:

    Nice post. The new igloo is great!

    P.S. Great site!


  4. Hey Limeboy11. Noel7123 is actually me. I’m on my friend’s account. My Coldy Guy account got banned.

    Coldy Guy

  5. hey lime im going to have a blue vs red party. matterhorn dock 7:00 am cp time. Its on saturday August 16th (tommorrow) plz come and let the penguins in lime green with glasses do what they do in the party. its a suprise

  6. Hey Limeboy, I just got back from vaction!

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