New Stuff

Hey guys a lot of new stuff came out today, here are all of the cheats ‘n stuff:

#1, There is a new pin at the stage:

#2, Rockhoppers, ship igloo came out today in the igloo catlog. Here is a picture of it:

(Click on it to see it bigger.)

#3, A new sports catalog also came out today…

Click here:

-For the orange football helmet.

do these steps in order:

-To get the silver surf broad

#4, a new igloo catalog came out today, here are the cheats for it in club penguin:

Click here:

-For the secret stone igloo.

Click here:

-For the secret deluxe stone igloo


That’s it for now! Remember get your Club Penguin Cheats, Tips, & Glitches Here!



10 Responses to “New Stuff”

  1. Comment here on what you think of everything!

  2. screenagertalk Says:

    That’s cool. Club Penguin is cool ^^’ and you have awesome editing skizzles xD hehee. this place is awesome….=3
    -jiselle ^.=

  3. I think everything is SOOO cool! I am having a party today, and I was wondering if you or anyone that wants to come, wants to come! Go to for more information! Thank you!

  4. Cool CSS dude!

    Limeboy11: Thanks!!!!!

  5. Awesome site!
    Comment back!

    ~ Mmopuk ~

  6. clone787cp Says:

    hey dude nice site please visit mine & leave comment 😉

  7. clone787cp Says:

    thnx limeboy i use photoshop aswell can i ask something? how do u get glowing edges on penguin’s on photoshop

  8. hard to explain so i will just make a little video

  9. clone787cp Says:

    ok thnx! well i know how but make the vid incase i get stuck how do i get a backround when i have a layer

  10. clone787cp Says:

    limeboy i wont wuit unless my hits boost up alot

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