Ever wanted to see the old CP website?

Well now you can! I have juts found the whole Club Penguin website online!

If you post this on your blog/website you have to have a link to my website at the to of the post or else i will shut you down (sorry.)

Anyway just Click here to view it 😉 Also you can’t play on it sorry i dont know why.


That’s it for now! Remember get your Club Penguin Cheats, Tips, & Glitches Here!



9 Responses to “Ever wanted to see the old CP website?”

  1. Comment on what you think!

  2. sushi1896 Says:

    That’s really cool! Try to comment back!

  3. clone787cp Says:

    are u stuck using ms paint for headers? are u tired of all those white bit’s at the edge? well..then come on over to http://clone787cp.wordpress.com/header-shop/ we will make you a guranteed awesome header get your’s today 😉

    Also limeboy can i be admin here pwease? my e-mail is clone787@hotmail.com please add me to the blog

  4. cool!!!!!!!!! and you gotta update your pin thing.

  5. Hey, this is Sushi1896 again. I was wondering if you could add me to your blogroll. I’ll add yours to mine! But, if you have a hits limit, I probably won’t make it….. Comment back if you want to!

  6. Hey awsome site!! plz come check out mine and plz comment! Thanx!

  7. Hey Limeboy its meesa322. u know those pics on my site u liked? well we have more and these new pics are made by me abd Full Of Soda. check them out at this link: http://meesa322.wordpress.com/the-soda-and-miles-funny-pic-co/

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