Penguin games & new music video!

Hey guys! The penguin games are here!!!

There are three events #1, The Marathon #2 Freestyle Swim #3 Three lap race.

#1, The marathon, you have to start at the ski village and go to the cove and try to light up all of the lights by stopping at each one, a lot of ppl think some of the sensors are broken but they’re not, its just kindda hard.

#2, The free style swim, all you have to do is start at where is says: “Start here” and go back and forth 2 and a half times to the other side of the pool until you’re done, then wait a momment, and something will pop up.

#3, The three lap race, now this is almost the same thing as the marathon, just shorter.

Once you have passed all of these you can claim a medal.

There is also a new room for members:

(you can get to it from the snow forts.) 

Also you can find red face paints at the coffee shop:

And you can get blue face paints at the pizza parlor:

Oh and I made a new music video!

Please rate, sub, and maybe favorite:


That’s it for now! Remember get your Club Penguin Cheats, Tips, & Glitches Here!




38 Responses to “Penguin games & new music video!”

  1. What do you think of the penguin games and my new music video?

  2. its awesome ~Gordo520

  3. louis birch Says:

    its wicked by the way whats it called on youtube

  4. nice can u add this site to your blog roll it has over 67,000 hits and your site on its blog roll.

  5. conily6 and conily12 Says:

    its awsome! thanks again for letting us in it!
    the party is awsome too!

    -conily6 and conily12

  6. and can you readd my site to your blog roll?

  7. Limeboy, I got 1000 hits!!!

  8. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. twistpopstar Says:

    omg i saw on wweadam’s page u said u live in WISCONSIN i do too what city cuz we might live in the same lol

    Limeboy11: I live in the north east part of WI.

  10. sushi1896 Says:

    Awesome video!!! Can you add me to your blogroll? Comment back at Thank you!

  11. clone787cp Says:

    cool css dude!!!!! ir rox! keep n waddling #~Clone~#

  12. Cool Css
    Your pictures move in a cool way when you hover over them 😆


  13. oh i live in BLOCKED BY EDITOR

    Limeboy11: Oh cool!


  15. Hey , Can I be on your blogroll 🙂 ?

    I´ll add you on mine . IF you added me to your blogroll just comment on my site and saying that you added me .


    keep up the good work 😉

  16. Hey! Great site! Can I be on your blogroll? Comment back on my site and if you accept then I will add you to mine! Also, what screen recoding program do you use? Great vid, BTW!

    Waddle on!

  17. sportboy5748 Says:

    I use camstudio but it doesn’t work to well, i am getting a new one soon.

    Thanks for the comment!!

  18. sportboy5748 Says:

    Oops! i am on my friends wordpress,
    this is limeboy

  19. Ok there i left a comment

  20. hey limeboy
    kool seeing ya at the 700K party ……..yeah
    good to get to ur site too huh? hits 4 u dude

  21. hey! you have a really cool blog, and I’d love to be on your blogroll. Can you tell me the requirements please?

  22. limeboy can u please re add me back to your blog roll. i just work at ojocs site and im trying to get it more viewed and stuff please add me back to your blog roll.

  23. Nice site!
    Like the new video.Can you give me your css please i beg you.
    Lol well please comment on my site.
    ~Darthpuckie Cpg

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    AND MORE………

    And A Lot of People Will Be Able To Get On My Buddy List!

  25. thats it youre off my blog roll you should have nevr removed me. when you remove me you remove a veiwer

    Limeboy: Oh sorry about that, i am at my friend (sportboys) house. and i haven’t realy had the time to add you back, i will now.

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    and win really cool prizes!!!!!
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  27. Ting Tong09 Says:

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  30. Clone 787 Says:

    hey limeboy u told me on cp u went on somewhere where did u go p.s can i please b author i luv dis blog my e-mail is please add me here

    Limeboy11: Oh, i went to see my friend (sportboy5748) its a 5 hour drive (i just got home.)

  31. clone787cp Says:

    pwease im still clone 787 im logged on a different account

  32. I will think about it….

  33. Hey dude nice site!

    I added you in my blogroll.

    Are you going to add my site to your blogroll?

    Please let me know..


  34. clone787cp Says:

    ok thanks! ill move u up to admin now

  35. chipdasportsman Says:

    Ya! your css is awsome! LOL I just found out what css is! 😀 😛 😆 🙂

  36. oh :P: ty

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