New Newspaper & Aqua Grabber Secret!

Hey guys, The new newspaper came out today! Here are some of the topics it talks about:


#1, It looks like they are working on something top-secret for the new play! I wonder what it will be?

#2, If you wait long enough in aqua grabber there will be a huge squid!

#3, Here is a picture of all of the upcoming events:

Also I have found a secret for aqua grabber!

(this secret is copyright of Club Penguin ™ and New Horizon Interactive & Limeboy11.
© 2008-2009. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.)



8 Responses to “New Newspaper & Aqua Grabber Secret!”

  1. As always I love to know what you think!

  2. omg 28 people on ur site ur so lucky. my hits are doing super bad 😦

  3. plesentos118 Says:

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  5. plesentos118 Says:

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  6. chipdasportsman Says:

    Your almost at 40,000 hits limeboy. LOL I only have 840! I need more hits! 😥

  7. clete0495 Says:

    Btw in Aqua Grabber, if u let the crab take all of the coins he will give u a pearl thats worth more than the treasure

  8. U guys know that if you let the crab take all the coins, he gives u a gem

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