Upcoming Events & Newspaper Cheat

Hey guys, The new newspaper came out today, Here are the club penguin cheats:

#1, Click Here:And then click on the note.

#2, Click Here:Then click on the note.

#3, Click Here:Then click on the note.

#4, Click Here:Then click on the note.

#5, Click Here:

Then this should pop up:

Oh and here’s all of da upcoming events:

(click on the picture to make it bigger!)

Comment on this post and tell me what you think!

Remember get your Club Penguin Cheats, Gliches, Tips, & Info here!



12 Responses to “Upcoming Events & Newspaper Cheat”

  1. Dude! Plz Stop Bidding Against Me! Your Probably Just His Friend Bidding Higher So You Can Get More! I Mean, What Is That???!?!??! I’m Probably Gonna Offer 2100$ (Not Yet!) Just Stop Trying To Get It Higher! And I Know Wwe Adam Isn’t Such A Nice Guy If He’s Trying To Get The Bid Higher For More Money!

    Limeboy11: What do you mean?

  2. limeboy thank you so much for getting rid of dose links 4 me u rock so much! tell me if there’s anything i can do to repay you 😉

  3. nice post!

    comment back

  4. Hey limeboy!

    Nice post! Keep up the good work!

    Comment back to my site and tell me if you can come to my 40,000 hits party! Also check my last Club Penguin Music Video and tell me if you like it!

    Cya dude!


  5. Hey dude, awesome site! Oh and your css rocks!

  6. Yeah I think your post was really helpful. I think it’s so cool that you figured that out and I never would have. I wonder what we are going to need to do for another mission. I used to really be into Swiminn6’s web page (I don’t know if you’ve heard of him or not) but since he is ending his website, I needed a go-to penguin news and cheats site. I am happy with your site and I really think I found my new site. Thank you again for being so on top of things on club penguin and also I would really like it you would post back, just because it would be cool to hear from you and hear your opinions. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks from the awesome site!!

  7. Thanks for the comment! That means a lot to me, I think for the next mission its going to be the last one with herbert the polar bear, lol i hope so!

  8. yo what up limeboy you have a GREAT post!!!!

  9. h e y w h e n a r e y o u o n C P?

  10. Hey the message you got from G, i got it too!

  11. i just made a wordpress and how do you put videos

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