Yup thats right guys, #1, CP has updated the sneak peek (see here!)

#2, I have found some never seen before wall papers for your computer! (see here!)

Check them out there really cool!

Remember get your Club Penguin Cheats, Gliches, Tips, & Info here!


11 Responses to “SNEAK PEEK UPDATES!!”

  1. hey i quit my homestead can u plz change it club penguin seven ill add u.

  2. Hey Limeboy It’s Rune12185.
    The .P.P.C. Is Back Just Leave A Comment At
    Just Tell me If Your Still Staying Because If Your Not Just Tell Me So i Can Take Your Off.

  3. Hey Limeboy! How do you change the color of your text on CSS? Like what’s the code for red text?

  4. chipdasportsman Says:

    Dude my site Is at 984 hits, almost 1,000! LOL you have 41,334!!!!

  5. ok when i have a chance

  6. who is thesorce00 meet me at frzen limeboy please i want to add you.

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