New Newspaper

Hey guys the new newspaper came out today!

lets see here, #1 on page A9 there is a stage mix up page, fill out the questions, then click “Done” for the special message.


#2, For agents, There is a sccret message in the newspaper, its in the word scramble, just click on the 3 letters at the bottom:

#3, Here are all of the upcoming events:

October 3, New penguin style.

October 10, Space Adventure Planet Y, & New pin.

October 17, Igloo Upgrades & Better igloo catalog.

October 24, Club Penguin’s 3d Anniversary, And plush toys are going to also be in stores that day I think!

Remember get your Club Penguin Cheats, Gliches, Tips, & Info here!



4 Responses to “New Newspaper”

  1. hey can u plz remove my blog and add the name clubpenguinseven and that blog instead? i switched sites

  2. lol

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