Yup thats right! Here is a video how to pass it:


7 Responses to “THE NEW MISSION IS HERE!”

  1. chipdasportsman Says:

    hi are you on????

  2. hi limeboy111 this my first time commenting here i just wanted to ask u if u can come to my party at october 8 fjord dojo 7:00 or 8:00 plzz me there as a featured penguin i will be 1 lew i have a blog also

  3. Awesome post please visit niceplayer’s and fotis01’s new forum at Register and post its copmpletely free
    see you there

  4. I see you in the lighthouse beacon 😛

  5. why r you sad lime? 😦 if your sad i am sad i love your tips too and club penguin so any time i am here for you and its ok

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