HQ Message?!

Hey guys today my penguin (limeboy11) recived a message from “G” they head of the PSA, anyway this is what it looked like:

After about an houer of decoding it i found it it said this:

You are being called infor a special assignment please respond to HQ as soon as possible! -G

I think i was one of the only penguins that have got it!


12 Responses to “HQ Message?!”

  1. Its okay. I got it too.

  2. ok thanks for telling me that!

  3. Yeah, I got it too. Except it only took me like, 5 minutes to decode it. I think all secret agents might have gotten it, but they just don’t post about it because it really doesn’t say anything important. Cool header!

  4. Yeah, I saw all the penguins on frozen freaking out about it so i posted about it too 🙂

  5. just awhile ago all of the agents got it.
    but limeboy was one of the first 😀

  6. Me too 😛

  7. i got it from another web site!

  8. heyy what up limeboy

  9. Now most penguins did, but i was one of the first i dont know why but i was, i know this becuase i logged onto my ohter pengunis and they didn’t have it.

  10. Every penguin got that mesage

  11. If ur a boy call me Number Removed
    LimeBoy(site owner): Lol, the number is a fake anyway

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