New Furniture Catalog & Rockhopper + Party News….

Hey guys, Sorry I didn’t update right away when all of this came out I forgot all about it.

Anyway lets get started…

#1 Rockhopper is here, Here is the stuff he brought:

(click on it to see it bigger 😀 )

If you need help finding Rockhopper go to my Rockhopper finding page HERE, also here is a Tracker I made

(sometimes it is updated right away or sometimes it takes a while to find him)

Also to help me with this please comment on the “Rockhopper finding page” of what server he is on and what time u saw him, thanks!

#2, Here are all of the furniture catalog cheats:

Click here for the chalk borad:

Click here 2 times for the stainless steal firdge:

And click here for the music stand:

Also click HERE for some info on Club Penguin’s upcoming party!

Also here is a pic of a penguin waring what i think is going to be the new party hat:

Well cya later!


13 Responses to “New Furniture Catalog & Rockhopper + Party News….”

  1. jonasbrothersgurl Says:

    how did u make ur site like this?

  2. jonasbrothersgurl Says:

    and on ur widgets how did u make the things clickable?

  3. i started this post at 8:00 AM in the morning, now i am ending it at 12:30 AM

  4. chipdasportsman Says:

    Limeboy, can you come to my site? I’ve asked everyone on your bloggroll and the only person that came is Bellerophont. He’s on my bloggroll now. how do you get soooo many people to come to your bloggroll? try to comment back. Your sad viewer, ~chipdasportsman~ 😥 😦

  5. chipdasportsman Says:

    Whoops I mean, how do you get sooo many people to come to your blog.
    Limeboy: It took me FOREVER I have almost had my blog for 2 years i took me FOREVER to even reach 1000 hits! i am sure you & Noa99 will catch up to me sometime soon!

  6. Cool Post, Site, and everything lol! YOur site is the best! By the way, can ya post on my site more. You just posted once and it seems like we aren’t friends anymore.

  7. darts noah Says:

    its your buddy darts noah. can i be an author on your site? if not can you on mine. if no then ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. psst i need anothner Q bvillybob… wait did you hear that? well ummm if you did well ummmmmmmmm i uhhh o i think suppers ready

    ~darts noah!!

    p.s.: my site is at this link:

    ~darts noah!!

  8. darts noah Says:

    can you please reply! im darts noah and i want to be an author please! if no just reply!

    ~darts noah!!

    if i was rude im sorry!!

  9. hey how do you make that header? please answer back.

  10. hey man this is andreasmich. can u plz give me wordpress credits? i really need them to buy domain. so plzzzz. i will add u on my blogroll for free, maybe made you contributor on my site and i will make a new page and you will be penguin of the month. maybe i will make a page just to advertise you!

  11. hey can u add me back to your blog roll? thanks

  12. u can delete my homestead add my wordpress

  13. its dr puck im on your buddy list and saw u at the party today! you have a great blog! check out mine at

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