Ninjas & Upcoming Events & Club Penguin Turns 3 & Storm!

Hey guys sorry I havn’t posted for a few days. So today i will be talking about everything i missed.

There has been a lot of rumors going around about ninjas. Here is the latest info:

(some info taken from our “Club Penguin Mysteries” Page, Well here it is:

 Could ninjas br real?? Well i dont think so well, yet…. I know CP was for sure thinking about it, They have left things like “Ninjas may be real soon.” in CP blog comments. also they left these hints:


Also on the old website you could click on the “N” in “Nightclub” then the penguin on the screen would turn into a ninja!


If you want to do this your self just click here

If a ninja is or ever real if would look something like this:

(this is an edit I made.)

Also if you go to ClubPenguin.Com/Ninja It is black and gray, not the normal one, like if you go to ClubPenguin.Com/Limeboy its the same thing, but its not black, like the ohter one is!

And Aunt Artic has talked about it in the Newspaper before…

Ok moving on, Today CP Turns 3!

The party hat is at the coffee shop, First you have to click on the fan above the cake:

Then wait a few seconds, and then, you will see the box of party hats!

And just click on them to get one!

Also at the coffee shop you can find apperons, right next to Bean Counters.

And there is also a new Year Book, you can find that at the Book Room, Above the coffee shop.



Oh and here are all of the upcoming events:

And if you look through the binoculars at the cove, you can see a storm is coming!

What do you think off all of this? Vote here!

(watch music video here)


14 Responses to “Ninjas & Upcoming Events & Club Penguin Turns 3 & Storm!”

  1. Remember to Vote! And Comment!

  2. Cool header & post!

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  6. HEY lime! plz add me to your blog roll! club penguin seven!!!!!

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  10. Limey, your a Ninja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. lol, i am at best buy, on a mac book air

  12. Lol. That Is Cool.

  13. Hey buddy, its Burgers. I have quit Club Penguin for good. I still might be on a little, but just barely.

    If you wanna read about why, vote in my “Should I Leave” poll, or see some of the people who helped me become famous, click my name.

    ~BR-For good…

  14. hey plz add me to your blog roll! last chance!!!!

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