Halloween Party Cheats!

Hey guys0, Limeboy here, the halloween party is here (mid night my time, yawn…) anyway, here is the locations of all of the hidden candys, (at the end u will get a background) anyway lets start.

#1 At the snow forts, click on the blue flag.

#2 At the iceberg.

#3 At the plaza, click the pot. 

#4 At the ski lodge lounge click the blue brief case.

#5 At the beacon, wait about 20 seconds.

#6 In the bookroom, rollover curser on top of book.

#7 At the cove click the “CAUTION SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK!” sign.

#8 In the the dance club attic click on the lamp.

Also if your having a hard time with this you may wanna watch this video i made:

There is also a members-only area, like most partys. in there is also a free item! to get in there all you have to do is go to the book room and click here:

and go down the stairs.

this is what it looks like once you get inside:

(click to make bigger!)

And as i said before, there is a free item in there:

And also at the Snow Forts there is a free item.

Well i think that’s it, it is 3:00 AM in the morning now, well CYA!


7 Responses to “Halloween Party Cheats!”

  1. Hey!

    Nice post buddy!

    Comment back!


  2. hey limeboy

    fast post!

    i can only add u back on my blogroll if u make your blgroll smaller caus i get nearly no refferals from your site


  3. darts noah Says:

    hey lime. nice site!

  4. gasnier11 Says:

    limeboy! Check my site! I added you. So you can do my CSS.

  5. Yo Lime! You can do my header. I have no problems.

  6. Nice post
    Can you go to my site and comment back?
    Or put me on your blogroll
    Or Make a Post about my site?
    Or just ignore this comment but approve it 😀


  7. Lol you saw Wwe Adam And Snow Bossi

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