Hollowen Party & Club Penguin’s New Main .SWF

hey guys i just wanted to say 2 really quick things, first i just wanted to remind you to find the hollowen party cheats here, and that i will be staying up to 12:00 AM (when it comes out my time) and i am almost always the very frist updated for partys šŸ˜€ Second, I have found the new Club Penguin .SWF, yup that’s right, i know half of you don’t care, but the ohter half has been dieing for it, lolz, well here it is,Ā some partsĀ dont work, but only a few, well…


~Lime out!


10 Responses to “Hollowen Party & Club Penguin’s New Main .SWF”

  1. its SO COOL!!!!!! but a little too little but it is SO COOL!! oh and i am going for a trap soon

  2. huh?


  4. oh and i love the lime out its cool

  5. what does that swf do except for play club penguin normal?

  6. What’s the point of the SWF? It just loads CP on a smaller screen.

  7. Hey by the way that is not a swf it is a html
    wich is a regular web page like the
    one you are on now not a flash file.
    It is still usefull like on my
    laptop with it’s small screen.

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