Newsletter & Party

Hey, i would like to quick say a few things, first is that i will be making a monthly (soon weekly) newsletter!

Sign by clicking here!

Also I will be having a party , becuase we almost have 50,000 hits! w00t!

Here is the invite:

Can’t read what it says for some reason?

Here is all of the info you need to know in words:

When? November 8th 10:00 AM PST

Where at? Sleet-Dock (we will be moving around)

Why? We almost have 50,000 Hits!

Hope you can come!

*Update*Β Please vote in this poll!!!




20 Responses to “Newsletter & Party”

  1. alright please add me to your blog roll!!!

  2. why do need to be on hes blog roll?

  3. Hey! Cool site! Check mine out sometime. Keep up the good work.


  4. Also may you add me to your blogroll? Just comment back.


  5. Limeboy,
    How do you get so many hits so fast
    I mean almost 50,000 hits in what like
    6 months It took Clone over a year granted
    he cant post all the time

    P.S.-Can i be on your blogroll?? When you put me on
    comment on my site plz

  6. please add me to your blog roll! last chance!!!! please its really easy to add someone to your blog roll!!

  7. i can remember when u used to have 10,000 then i commented and helped you and when you got 30,000 i made a site

  8. yea! lol i used to think i was so famous when i had 200 hits πŸ˜€

  9. Hey Limeboy!
    Do you think you can help me get my name out?
    (for my new site) I need more hits even though
    I have 700 hits in my first 2 1/2 weeks but I need
    to be growing faster than I currently am.
    Just Comment back on my site and tell me if you can help me


  10. Clone 787 Says:

    congrads dude my goal b4 december is 75,000 when we got 50,000 a few week’s ago and we have nearly have 58,000 πŸ˜€

  11. LIMEBOY!

  12. Ya dude I remember you,
    Hey I gotta add you on cp again come on to frozen im in the dojo πŸ˜‰

  13. Froven is full how about sleet

  14. Alright im in sleet in the town and do you hav e aim?

  15. Are you comeing?

  16. oh ya and I will come to your party 4sure πŸ˜‰

  17. cheatgnome Says:

    Lol! Sorry dude, I was at shopping for some stuff all day, so I couldn’t reply. Anyways, Yes, If you want.

  18. i want to, but thats wen im having a party 😦

  19. Hey buddy!

    We have a party the same day!

    Mine is 2 hours later, so I will try to be there!

    Hope you can come to mine too!

    Have fun!


  20. mickey345678 Says:

    your avatar is funny connily6
    its a priness
    rockhopper loves icecream

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