What’s Up With The Dojo? And New Map? And Is This Guy A Real Ninja?


Here is the invite:

Can’t read what it says for some reason?

Here is all of the info you need to know in words:

When? November 8th 10:00 AM PST

Where at? Sleet-Dock (we will be moving around)

Why? We almost have 50,000 Hits!

Hope you can come!

Hey guys, The halloween parta just ended minutes ago, but CP also came out with some stuff that no one knew about, like first they updated the map:

I think it’s ok.

Also the dojo changed a lot!


There is also a free item in it!

And there is a new room sorta! when your at the dojo click the “Go Outside” botton and it goes to a never seen before room! also who is this guy?

And if you click on him his player card is just ??????, weird eh? also they color he’s wearing is gray!

Well thats it for now!


11 Responses to “What’s Up With The Dojo? And New Map? And Is This Guy A Real Ninja?”

  1. darts noah Says:

    can i be a author?

  2. limeboy11,
    You going to answer on the cp .swf page?

    I cant hear you!!!!

    Commented edited out by editor…

  4. Can you rate my widget?
    Here is the link: http://sites.google.com/site/mywidgetsite/
    Thanks lime 😀

  5. hey limeboy, im really sorry to ask u, but, do u have any wordpress credits? because i made this really cool css, but i dont have credits

    this is your blog
    ill try and come to your party 🙂

    ~Me12101 lime cheats President

  7. Hey i going to you party, dont forget to add me please. my name is Gandolf23 : ) ( :

  8. oh and kust wondering if i could work on this sight…… nevermind, its okay well dont forget to add me at you party

    -Gandolf23″\: ) ( :

  9. cheatgnome Says:

    Nice post lime! And sweet, you’re almost at 50,000 hits! Good job! 🙂

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