A Few Small Updates…

Update: please vote for me to be president of the server forjd here, thanks, look at this pic of pieman who is also running:

Do you really want him???

Do you really want him? i dont think you do, also he is starting to lie a lot about me. watch my campain video here.

Also come to my campain website HERE. Make the right choice, Vote LimeBoy!

Hey guys, there is a few small updates.

the dojo is done being dug out, you can get a free item here:

(dojo courtyard)

And go into the dojo and, wait awhile, then curtens will open up, and there will be a gong, for about 10 seconds you can hit the gong with snowballs, and make sounds.

Thats about it, cya!


12 Responses to “A Few Small Updates…”

  1. and cool header

  2. Vote for me and make a deference!!

  3. Hey lime, Go to wwe adam’s site, and take a look at his dojo ninja picture. It shows me and you in it, and it looks like your yelling at me. LOL! 😉

  4. Nice post man! I can’t wait for the ninja suit! Comment back on my site please. Thanks!

    – Chrisdog93

  5. its does cheatgnome, lol, i am not that mean am i??

  6. Awesome! I’ll vote for u! Please go to http://www.sushi1896.wordpress.com Thanks!

  7. Awesome ! I cant wait for the new things on cp !

    Comment Back!


  8. Who else is going for fjord? If not then I’ll vote for you!

    P.S. I just started a cp coin code contest on my blog so if you wanna win a cp coin code then here is a chance to win one!! All you need to do it click on my name which links to my blog and cya guyz, good luck!! 😉

    ~Aznmonkey10 A.K.A. Blowsight10~

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