How To Talk With The Newspaper GLITCH!

Hey guys, I found out about this cheat a while ago (I had no help from any other sites) anyway, I thought I would share this glitch with you, it is very simple, here is a video how to do it:

(coming soon)

And here is institutions in words:

  • Log into any server like you normaly would.
  • Open up the newspaper.
  • Go to the place where you can submit stuff into the newspaper (page D2.)
  • Click on “QUESTION” and type “Limeboy rocks” (or anything) then exit it out (do not submit it.)
  • Now Click “TAB” on your keyborad until it goes down to the chat bar, and now type something.
  • And it will show! (you may want to stand at the corner of the room so you can see yourself, and yes everyone else can see you!) 

If you want to put this on your blog, please give me credit, thanks!

Limeboy OUT!

(ps. I am working on a new css for Cristmas!)


4 Responses to “How To Talk With The Newspaper GLITCH!”

  1. No it’s not, i found it out on my own, he may of found it without looking at this site, but i don’t think so, he has copied me a few times before with out givin’ me credit

  2. Yeah, Lime whenever i do a glitch from someone else i would give you credit! When Chevi 100 found this how do get on the night-club glitch i said that was found by Chevi 100 at the bottom 😆

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