New Clothing Catalog, & Pin!

Hey guys, the new clothin’ catalog is here! (Click here to see it without logging onto Club Penguin).

As always, here are the Club Penguin Cheats:

Yellow Scarf:

(click all bottom lights)


Russain hat:

Red Viking Helmet:

(open and close 4 times for the blue viking helmet)

Pink Pom Pom Toque:

Red Hoddie:

Black Super Hero Mask:

(on a shoe rack)


And there is 3 new backgrounds, and 1 old one!


Also, The Pin Is In The Pet Shop

Ok, time for me to go to bed. Cya, and thanks for reading! Also, again, we are the very FIRST blog to post about this stuff!


Have any comments?

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3 Responses to “New Clothing Catalog, & Pin!”

  1. Hey Lime! Long time no see. Well I will let you get to work bye!

  2. cool post

  3. Hey!
    If you want to win a Member, 930 day old penguin, go to my site!


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