Captin Rockhopper Is Here!

Hey guys, Rockhopper is FINALY HERE! it’s been a long time since we saw him last.

In “Rockhopper’s” catalog there are a bunch of new stuff, including, the free red sailers hat to wear, a coins for change banner for your igloo, a globe for your igloo, and a green parrot to “wear”.

Also here is what is notice borad looks like:
(click to see it full-size)


Also in treasure hunt, you earn candy, instead of jewels  & emeralds.

Well thats about it, scroll down for the other new events today, also make sure to comment if you find Rockhopper!


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One Response to “Captin Rockhopper Is Here!”

  1. nichols200 Says:

    Hey limeboy and or sportboy,

    can you help me get my blog at to get as good as yours. I try, but no one will come. You could give me tips or pointers.

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