Our Goal

Hey guys, I have a goal I want all of us to try to make, I am not sure if it will be hard, or easy, the goal is to try to have 65,000-70,000 hits by Cristmas, do you think we can do it? I think we can! All I am asking for you to do, is come to this site a few times a day, thats it, sounds simple right? Lets do it!


2 Responses to “Our Goal”

  1. Hey limeboy!
    I hope you reach your goal soon,Im getting closer to mine if i just get about 3 page’s more in google i would have it in a few day’s also i removed alot of the admin’s but,not you 😉
    You helped keep my site alive when my computer broke and kept the hit’s at an averegly 800+ a week and that was good. 😀 thank’s man your the best

    Im proposing a deal and here it is:
    You se im growing out of club penguin and when i quit i will let you at my site for a month if the hit’s are good like 5000 a month i will post every 2 week’s 😉

    How does that sound comment back oh and could you post on friday because i have a geography test on
    European union
    Weather and climate

    Please post for me thank’s!
    Limeboy: Sure! I will do everything you said! Also sign up for a free FrozenSummit.Com account!

  2. sure dude and thank’s

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