Christmas Party!

UPDATE: Here is some cool background music
Lets start with the free items, you can find a “Santa” hat At The Snow Forts, & A “Santa” Berad At The Ski Village.

& The HQ was decorated for the first time EVER!

Plus, the “Ninja” Hideout, was also decorated!

Also, the Ice Rink, is back!!

Also,  the Cove is decorated too! But it still feels like Summer in there!

And the pin is at the Ski Lodge!

I think that is about it! Thanks 4 Reading!




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3 Responses to “Christmas Party!”

  1. wow first comment cool well nice u got a cool blog and i like ur cheats well see ya lime peace!!

  2. nichols200 Says:

    Can I be on your links? I want to get more hits. You rock and I have coming to your site everyday.

  3. Sure, I will add you when I can (it may be a few days) but sure! Thanks for the comment!

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