Clothing Catalog January 2009 CHEATS & New Pin!

The new clothing catalog is here!
First, click here for the Spikester (wig).

Second, click here for the Spikette (wig).

Third, click here for the Fruit Headdress (clothing).

Fourth, click here for the Yellow Scarf (clothing).

Fifth, click here for the Russian Hat. (clothing).

Sixth, click here for the Red Viking Helmet, open and close four times, for the Blue Vikings Helmet! (clothing).

Seventh, click here for the Pink Pom Pom Toque (clothing).

Eighth, click here for the Red Hoodie (clothing).

& There are two new backgrounds!

And two old backgrounds came back!

Also, don’t forget about the pin!

Also what do you think this could mean?

I can’t wait to find out! Comment & tell me your ideas!

Also, about our new years party, well, it failed, but one guy did show up! His name is Sham21 I think, Thanks for coming Sham!

Make sure to check out HIS AWESOME WEBSITE HERE.

~LimeBoy (Website Owner).

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6 Responses to “Clothing Catalog January 2009 CHEATS & New Pin!”

  1. Thanks for the post lime!

  2. Hello!

    You are invited to my party today(Saturday), 12 pm CPTZ, at Fjord Dock!

    Hope to see you there!


  3. I read that we once stored snow in the attic for a snow carving party. Maybe we are doing it again?

  4. dock penguins isnt working for me

  5. wow coolio sitey!

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