Member party, Coming SOMETIME Today!

Member party, Coming SOMETIME Today!

I am really excited, to see what the Member Party will be like! It could come any minute! I will try to update RIGHT when it happens!

Also, the new newspaper came out today, and they said something about, the penguin that will be the DJ at this party, will waddle around too, and get a gift if you see her! Her name is Cadence.


8 Responses to “Member party, Coming SOMETIME Today!”

  1. clubpenguinexclusive Says:

    Hey nice post and site!

    Im new to blogging and just wanted to drop a comment off saying for you to come to my site and comment!

    My site link is below 🙂

    Thanks so much.

    My AIM IS ( cpcrazyness ) if you would like to talk to me.

  2. chipdasportsman Says:

    Whoaa!! you hiy like 15,000 more hits since the last time I came her!

  3. The site is doing Super bad today, 1,400 hits 😦

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