New Pin! & Play with your puffles more! (mabye) & Still hiring!

Hey guys, you can find the new pin at the Mine Shack.


& Right about now (mid-night for me) the puffles are SUPPOSED to be playing with there furniture & everything but there not! I wonder why? I bet there having technical issues again! Oh well.

Also if your pretty good with computers & finding CP secrets & everything, please consider signing up to work at my other site, if you would like to sign up please just leave a comment with the following:

( this sign ” * ” means it is required)

My website: 

* My penguin name: 

* My experence:

* My Email:


(the comment will not be visible to everyone else) Comment here.

Please note i am not picking everyone, & i may not even pick anyone, well, cya!





9 Responses to “New Pin! & Play with your puffles more! (mabye) & Still hiring!”

  1. I deleted all my internet cookies and then the puffles played with their stuff.

  2. Hey i was browsing your website and its not bad. But i wanted to ask you if you wanted to join my wordpress. It is self hosted so their should be no problems with css. Just check it out!

  3. goooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  4. Woah! last time i was here you had 109,00 now you have 129,000! you outpassed me but i dont use MTW anymore i used all my credits but i get around 1000+ a day without it 😀

  5. Hey LimeBoy can you work on my site?


    My penguin’s name is Conily12

    My experence: I have my own blog, and I know how to make a good post. I like to think I have a good sense of humor, and I try to be nice.
    I have been on CP for more then a year, and I know a lot of tricks. I go to every party, read every newspaper, and get on almost every day. I can post the “What’s new” blog and the comics. I can also make themed posts, (Holidays, CP parties, etc.) Not many people go to my blog, (I have the settings wrong,) and I’d like to work on your blog so my words will be read. Please! 🙂

    My email won’t let yours though, so leave a comment on my site if you pick me.

  7. Sure I’d love to help, anyways can you go on aim 😀

  8. Nice post 🙂

    comment back!

    NOTE: I am accepting anyone on my blogroll so comment if you wanna join our sites ultimate links!

    -Club Penguin City


    If you have any rare penguins you would like to trade for Club Penguin Toy Codes? … If so please comment back on my site!

    Or e-mail at or if you have AIM please add ((( cpcrazyness )))


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