White puffles spotted!

Ok, I was wrong about the Brown puffles I admit, but I was right about a new puffle coming soon!

Every five minutes a white puffle comes out at the Dojo courtyard or the Ski hill!

White Puffle!


7 Responses to “White puffles spotted!”

  1. hey its me zoky000 here, (you know me from youtube :0) just wanted to say that i stopped my mem ship on cp lol srry playing runescape now.. I made a new youtube acc its called Brawlboy23 just made a vid

  2. Hey Limeboy!!

    Its me me12101…REMEMBER…???? We worked together on pieman711’s site once upon a time ago, anywho my nickname is “Limey” because I own Lime Club Penguin Cheats and now people are getting confused between me and u…its very annoying, has this happened to you?

    ~Me12101 AKA Limey

  3. Yes it has happened, Lol

  4. XD poor limey (me12101) and nice meeting ya limeyboy.

    ~Aznmonkey10 A.K.A. Blowsight10~

  5. lol oopz i meant limeboy not limeyboy, my bad xD =P

  6. cool site but the white puffles appear every 30 min at the dojo courtyard ski village and mountain

  7. cool

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