White Puffle Spotted Again In Video!

Hey guys, here is one more hint that a white puffle will be coming soon! Look at this video that was on the official CP blog! (Blog.ClubPenguin.com)

If you stop at about around 1 minute and 21 seconds, you will se it, the white puffle!

White Puffle



7 Responses to “White Puffle Spotted Again In Video!”

  1. I don’t really think it’s white, I think it’s pink.

  2. Nope, It looks white to me.

    Lime plz check out my site!

  3. its pink

  4. look in the video

  5. Sorry about my sister, she’s stuborn. And rude.

  6. oh i see it now sorry

  7. LimeBoyFan1 Says:

    I Met Rockhopper 3 times before!

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