White Puffle & New Clothing Catalog!

Hey guys, LimeBoy here! The mysterious white puffle is here!

LimeBoy With His Puffle 

If your a member you can waddle down over to the Pet Shop & adopt one! When you dance with it, a white cloud comes over his head and snow starts to snow!


Now for the new clothing catalog secrets, click here for the “Pot O’ Gold”.

Club Penguin Cheats

& Click here for the “Boa”.

Club Penguin Cheats

Also click here for the “Spikester” wig.

Club Penguin Cheats

And last but not least, click here for the “Fruit Headdress”.

Club Penguin Cheats

Also check out my new website at http://ClubPenguinBc.com & http://ClubPenguinCp.org

Wanna work on them? just comment!

Cya guys! ~Lime


6 Responses to “White Puffle & New Clothing Catalog!”

  1. Cool! i love the new catolog its awsome (so is your site)! 8D

  2. Lil Maney Says:

    Awesome Post Limeboy

    ~Lil Maney Club Penguin Cheats President~

  3. Awesome Post!


  4. bricky898 Says:

    lime it is 1 day after the new party why you not post?:(

  5. Great post 🙂 ,also dont forget to post the St.Patrick’s party cheats 😉

  6. Hey Limeboy11 I would like to work on your new site!!! your awesome!!!



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